011. How To Leave Work At Work, Feat, James Birchenough

Lockdown is a brilliant time for us to reflect and rethink how we live and work.

For many of us, lockdown has meant that we have enjoyed extra time with our family and the flexibility to live with some sense of balance and calm, but no doubt the challenges of work/life balance will return as sooner or later, our jobs will likely pick up again.

Of course, for others, lockdown has meant an increased workload. Perhaps, work / life balance has never been so problematic or complicated.

Well James Birchenough, who works in educational leadership for TLG (Transforming Lives For Good), has just released a book on this topic and joins Tom Elliott in the zoom studio to chat about it.

In the insiders club, James breaks it down into 5 steps, enabling you to put it into action. To join, head to ohmydaysacademy.co.uk

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