JRP 004:  Feat. Daughters of Davis




Fern & Adrienne from Soul duo, ‘Daughters of Davis’, talk to Tom Elliott about their self esteem based campaign, called ‘Not playing the game’.

D A U G H T E R S  O F  D A V I S  is made up of two sisters, Fern & Adrienne Davis, with a band name proud to declare their family heritage, the sisters began an adventure that imperatively needed that bond. They sold everything, quit their jobs and took to living life in a rusted campervan brought off Ebay… As events unfolded, and disaster and miracles took place, the girls kept home in their hearts, but took their lives to the edge. No longer could they live with the question “what if?”…they had to see for themselves.




In this episode you will learn;

The biggest lie that the media is telling you

How to find self confidence without the gimmicks

How to beat the pressure of the media and accept who you were made to be





Show Notes

JRP 004: Not Playing The Game – Daughters of Davis


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