The working title for my Edinburgh Show, is ‘Oh My Life?!’

At first impression, it might sound like an expletive-style phrase, in reaction to something surprising – ie a magic trick, or something hilariously funny!

…but I’ve also intentionally displayed it as a question…, Oh, my life?

Subtly provoking intentional thought about how fulfilled, or content or driven they are about their own lives?

Now, I’m very aware that no one ponders this much over a show title, or it would take forever to read through the fringe programme…

Whilst the show itself won’t have any direct ‘message’ given, this subtle theme of ‘life in it’s fullness’, will lead to an invitation of joining the ‘OML Online Academy’ where this question of, ‘Oh, my life?’ is explored in depth each week.

More on this soon!….

Thanks to Glos Info and the many supporters via Kickstarter who are helping me get the show to Edinburgh Fringe 2020 and maximise the reach of the show publicity.

We have until 31st October to reach our ALL or NOTHING goal of £3500. Don’t delay – donate today if you are able!