005. Dealing With Debt, Feat. John Kirkby

Tom Elliott talks with Dr. John Kirkby CBE, Founder of Christians Against Poverty.

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004. Crafting An Ariel View Of Life, Feat. Life Coach, Jo Pring

Tom Elliott talks to life coach, Jo Pring about how we can make the most of the life we have been given

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Top Tips For Teaching Your Kids At Home, Feat. Natalie Elliott

At a time when many are homeschooling, Tom’s wife Natalie, who is a professional primary school teacher, gives some top tips for taking on that role of teacher!

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002: How To Deal With Fear & Shame, Feat, Michele Cushatt

Tom interviews author & speaker, Michele Cushatt about living through crisis and dealing with fear & shame.

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001: How To Live Big, Feat Simon Jarvis

Tom Elliott talks to Simon Jarvis, pastor of One Church Gloucester about the strap-line of the church he leads, ‘Growing you to live big’.

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Tom Elliott introduces the brand new, Oh My Days Academy Podcast, helping you to live well in an age of uncertainty and chaos.

Of course, Tom doesn’t hold back on his enthusiasm, his humour and the invitation of some brilliant guests.

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Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed. I’m so humbled, surprised, grateful and delighted that we’ve hit the goal in such a short amount of time. 

Thanks to your generosity, I’ll now be able to maximise many opportunities at the Edinburgh fringe, including the engagement of a PR Company, who will help promote the shows in ways I could not do by myself. 

I’m delighted to have hit the target and that’s all I could have asked for, but I know from messages and conversations, that there are still some who haven’t yet given, but would like to. 

The kickstarter remains open until 11.59pm on 31st October. 

Here’s how additional funds will be spent… 

1. One of the key priorities for this year in the run up to Edinburgh, is to update my youtube footage and showreel.  Additional funds would contribute towards a new showreel created and sponsored on social media, reaching more people with the news about my show at the Fringe, in the months that lead up to it. This will of course benefit my work as a whole, too.  

2.  Promotion of the Academy resource – I’m keen to push the resource far and wide, both through the show but also in other ways as this will ultimately help people to explore and discover ways to live a life of wholeness. Life in all it’s fullness. I’ve recently secured some brilliant guests to be part of this, including Krish K (Home for Good), Rosemary Conley CBE, Kathi Lipp (Clutter free), Liz Earle, Paul Mcgee (SUMO) and others. 

I’m so grateful for your support to this point, and regardless of whether or not we meet these stretch goals, I’m absolutely thrilled. 

Massive thanks from me. 

Tom x 

The working title for my Edinburgh Show, is ‘Oh My Life?!’

At first impression, it might sound like an expletive-style phrase, in reaction to something surprising – ie a magic trick, or something hilariously funny!

…but I’ve also intentionally displayed it as a question…, Oh, my life?

Subtly provoking intentional thought about how fulfilled, or content or driven they are about their own lives?

Now, I’m very aware that no one ponders this much over a show title, or it would take forever to read through the fringe programme…

Whilst the show itself won’t have any direct ‘message’ given, this subtle theme of ‘life in it’s fullness’, will lead to an invitation of joining the ‘OML Online Academy’ where this question of, ‘Oh, my life?’ is explored in depth each week.

More on this soon!….

Thanks to Glos Info and the many supporters via Kickstarter who are helping me get the show to Edinburgh Fringe 2020 and maximise the reach of the show publicity.

We have until 31st October to reach our ALL or NOTHING goal of £3500. Don’t delay – donate today if you are able!