One of Tom’s top priorities is to use his work and influence to bring about positive change in the world. His personal Christian faith inspires him to support two key charities, with a particular focus on serving the poor and the marginalised, both nationally and internationally.

Having been actively involved in both charities, Tom endorses the work of Transforming Lives for Good (TLG) and Compassion UK.

Below you can find further information about these charities and how you can get involved.

Compassion UK

Nearly 400 million children across the world are currently living in extreme poverty.

They’re being denied the right to grow up strong and healthy. Robbed of their time to play and imagine. And prevented from sitting in a classroom to learn.

From the womb to early adulthood, Compassion UK gives children born into the toughest of circumstances the opportunities they deserve.

Each year, Tom hopes to use his influence and opportunities, to see at least 100 children lifted out of poverty, through the generosity of his audiences across the UK.

Compassion UK are Christ Centred, Child Focused and Church based, with a vision to equip the local church for meeting the needs of their communities in a sustainable way.

Tom witnessed this first hand in October 2018, when he met his sponsor child, Wilfred, who lives in Embu, Kenya. Watch the video below.

If you would like to invest in the life of a child in poverty through Sponsorship, please click here

Transforming Lives For Good / Make Lunch 

TLG exists to bring hope and a future to struggling children. Every day, there are children across the UK that are facing difficult circumstances in their lives or tragic situations such as bereavement, family breakdown, poverty or being in the care system.

With multiple programmes in action, such as Early Intervention mentoring, Education centres and the Make Lunch project across the UK, TLG are impacting the lives of thousands of kids.

Having visited a ‘make lunch’ project in Luton this year, Tom said;  ‘It’s humbling to see so many people, volunteering their time, to not only provide food for children who would otherwise go hungry during school holidays, but also teaching them how to make meals for themselves.’

To read stories of transformed lives and to support the work of TLG, please click here