6th January: Elim Foursquare Gospel Alliance – Staff Team Day
31st January: Bristol University, Christian Union

4th February: Chard Baptist Church
8th February:  Salvation Army Officers Retreat, Torquay
20th February: Salvation Army Officers Retreat, Leicestershire
22nd February: TBN Studios, London – Recording for ‘The Matt Bird Show.’

1st March: Salvation Army Officers Retreat, Maidstone
6th March: Dudley Focus for Men
7th March: Riverside Vineyard Church, Alpha Course, Feltham
9th March: Salvation Army Officers Retreat, Matlock
11th March: Churches Together in Upper Norwood – Living Waters Satisfies

14th April: Five Towns, Castleford
19th April: ECG Conference, Scarborough
22nd April: National Christian Police Conference, Cheltenham
25th April:  Wellingborough Churches Together – Leaders Presentation
26th April: The Salvation Army, North East, SA Officers Gathering
29th April: St Laurence Church, Biddulph
30th April:  St Austell, Seventh Day Adventist Church

3rd May: Cheltenham Christian Arts Festival, St Pauls Church
6th May: MenUnited BA3
10th May: Costa Live, Birmingham
13th May: Dunstable Salvation Army

4th June: Regent Hall, Salvation Army, London
9th June: Salvation Army Hall, Sheffield
10th June: Brookham Baptist Church
13th / 14th June: Telford Schools
17th June: Felixtowe Salvation Army
22nd June: Ackworth Community Church
24th June: Boys Brigade event
25th June: Stowmarket

2nd July: Leicester South Salvation Army
4th July: Derby City Vision – Leaders Presentation

4th August: Frinton Mission
26th August: One Event, Lincolnshire

8th September: Vineyard Community Church, Daventry
10th September: City Church, Cardiff
12th September: London Mission Collective
16th September: Bramerton Road Community Church, Essex
21st September: Gloucester Guildhall (Local Launch of the Affirming Life Trust)
22nd September: 100m Vision Evening
23rd September: The Salvation Army, Felixtowe
25th – 27th September: Telford Schools

26th October – The International Conference Centre, Harrogate (Salvation Army)
31st October – The International Conference Centre, Harrogate (Salvation Army)

21st November: Evangelical Alliance HQ – Gathering of ALT Council of Reference
24th November: Margate Salvation Army
25th November: Premier Christian Radio

1st December: St Peter’s Church, Notting Hill (National Launch of Affirming Life Trust)
10th December: The Salvation Army, Winton
13th December: Filling Station