I heard a great story recently of a young lad who went off to University. Months had passed since he left home and his parents hadn’t heard from him once.

They were starting to worry, get frustrated and upset at his lack of response to texts, emails and calls.

One day his dad was just about to leave for work when an email from his son pops up on his phone. Having almost given up waiting, he was delighted to see his sons name.

Here’s what it read;

Dear mum and dad

Sorry I haven’t been in touch for a while. To be honest the last few months have been crazy. 

A few months ago there was a fire in my block of flats and I lost all my possessions. 

I managed to escape through a window but in doing so I broke my back and severely damaged my knees. I was in hospital for weeks and suffered a great amount of pain. 

Whilst I was there in Hospital, I met a lovely nurse who I fell madly in love with, so much so that last week we got married. 

You’re probably not to happy, but I want you to know that everything I’ve written above is a lie.

The truth is…

I have failed all my exams, but I wanted you to understand this in perspective.

Love from your son.  


Understanding our lives in perspective, is key to living in the fullness of life that Jesus promises us.

We need to understand the perspective of who God is and who we are.


We need to take a moment and remember that God is above all things and wants us to have ‘life in all it’s fullness’.

That doesn’t mean life is automatically easy, but it requires us to depend on and trust in him.


When we are clueless – God is a God of infinite wisdom.

When we are lacking – God has all that we need

When we are hopeless – God offers a greater hope and purpose

When we are down – God offers a deeper joy

When we are broken – God restores us in the very places that fractures have occurred

Remember who God is. Get your perspective right.


But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

Matthew 6:33