JRP 002:  Feat. Andy Frost




Everyone is seeking to live life to the full. Something instinctive about us knows that there is more to life than simply working and sleeping. We thrive when we have a sense of purpose. When we can see the bigger picture.

In this episode of the the Joy Ride Podcast, we are joined by Andy Frost, a keen surfer, AFC Wimbledon Supporter and passionate about Church. Two of which he now combines! (Tune in for more on this!)

Andy gives us an insight into what it means to find purpose in life, to take risks and discover fulfilment.





In this episode you will learn;

The difference between ‘Happiness’ & ‘Joy’ and why it’s important

The signposts that point to your life purpose

The importance of identity and it’s place in your search for purpose


Show Notes

JRP 002: How To Find Purpose In Life


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