We’ve had a blast this season. Thank you for cheering us on!

Thanks to all our fabulous guests listed below, where you will also find the link to their podcast episode.





Guests of Season One


JRP 001: Matt Bird – Relationships
JRP 002: Andy Frost – Purpose 

JRP 003: Darren Edwards – Chav Church 
JRP 004: Daughters of Davis – #notplayingthegame
JRP 005: Ronnie Mulema – Compassion 
JRP 006: Paul Blakey MBE – Kindness 
JRP 007: Richard Pidgley – Addiction / Freedom 

An extra – Christmas special…

JRP 008: Jake Isaac – Songwriting 


Our first episode of 2018 will go live on Wednesday 3rd January. As from this point, we will be releasing a podcast EVERY WEEK!

A whole bunch of new guests to bring to you plus more humour, banter, stories and inspiration.

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