On stage and off, Comedy Magician, Tom Elliott is committed to living life well and helping others to do the same. With this in mind, and off the back of his Edinburgh Fringe show 2020, Tom founded the ‘Oh My Days Academy’.

We all want to live life well. 

But too often, we get overwhelmed by the day to day. 

In a world of so many pressures and expectations, personal well being is tough to maintain. 

It often gets neglected, even forgotten in some cases.  

This has an impact on our most important relationships, our physical health, our effort at work, our hobbies, or voluntary commitments, let alone our personal goals, ambitions and sense of purpose & meaning. 

Founder of the OMD Academy, Tom Elliott, believes that it doesn’t need to be this way. In fact, Tom believes we can seek greater well being and live life in all it’s fullness, if we just become intentional. 

As an enthusiastic millennial, Tom is passionate about enjoying life, making a difference and achieving personal goals. By no means has Tom got life nailed, but in the past 5 years, with the help of many others, Tom has been able to…

Launch his own company, Cornerstone Entertainment Ltd. 

Go full time as a professional Comedian & Magician 

Crowdfund £9,000 towards his visionary adventures 

Achieve a 5k run – as someone who failed his cycling proficiency and was kicked off his childhood football team! 

Remain committed to his Christian faith and local church involvement 

Find sponsors for 150+ children who are now free from living in extreme poverty

Provide and stay present for his wife and 2 young children 

Having spent years reading books, seeking out mentors and attending workshops on anything that would facilitate his vision for life, Tom now has a wealth of other people’s wisdom that he’s keen to share through the academy. 

The OMD Academy Framework facilitates a holistic approach to your personal wellbeing, covering relational, physical, intellectual, emotional, vocational and spiritual health. The academy gives you access to…

  • 52 Audio Interviews, capturing a wide range of expertise, thoughts and quick win applications 
  • An easy to understand framework to work your way through 
  • 12 Downloadable PDF Templates  
  • References to additional resources that will facilitate your journey 
  • Opportunity to join a mastermind group of likeminded individuals 

Anyone who is tired of feeling held back, will treasure this wide range of collective wisdom and will be equipped to pursue all that you were created for. 

Join today > www.ohmydaysacademy.com