Do you take assemblies? This might be for you?


Creative Communication in School Assemblies – Workshop for Churches

If you are anything like me, you thrive on the privilege of leading school assemblies and consider it a huge opportunity to speak hope into the lives of children and young people.

But I know that it comes with some burdens and concerns…

> The demand for new, creative, fresh ideas every time

> The tightness of time, meaning your message is reduced

> Wondering whether they ever remember or engage with the message you’ve given

This workshop, will help you discover and refresh on those top tips for engaging children and young people with the Christian message in the context of a school.

I’m a former professional youth worker, I’m married to a teacher and now have the joy of being a full time comedian, magician and Christian communicator who travels across the country to churches, schools & theatres, making people laugh and communicating faith. Described by Miranda Hart as ‘Such Fun’, I love the school environment and continue to present in schools on a regular basis.

I have a real desire to share my experience with those who lead assemblies in schools, in order that more young people might engage with the conversation of faith.

At this workshop, you will learn….

1) How to come up with fresh, innovative and creative ideas that engage young people

2) How to communicate your message in the short time available

3) How to present well and make your message memorable

You’ll also walk away with an assembly planning template and a list of resources