Many teachers struggle to authentically teach about Christianity. This is understandable, for if they personally do not hold conviction to this or any other faith, then this is bound to be difficult.

Yet, you recognise the need for the young people you teach to fully understand all that faith has to offer to individuals and to the wider society.



Tom Elliott, a Christian communicator, Comedian & Magician understands young people. Having spent 8 years as a qualified and professional youth worker, with a large proportion of his time working in schools. He is passionate about young people exploring life and faith.

‘It has made me realise that I should live this life the best I can ’

Tom delivers a 45 – 60 minute talk, illustrated with comedy and illusion, that helps young people to dream about and craft a vision for their future beyond education.

Within the talk, Tom also throws in a Christian perspective on life, the concept of purpose and meaning and helping students to recognise their self worth and value.

This is ideal for students in years 9-11