JRP 020: Good News Newspaper

Andrew Godfrey joins Tom on the podcast, to discuss Fake News and his role as UK rep for the ‘Good News’ Newspaper.

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Linvoy joins Tom Elliott to chat about his career in football, but also some deeper goals that he has and where he finds his identity and self confidence.

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Paul Blakey MBE is the founder of Halifax Street Angels, the International CNI Network, author, broadcaster, communicator and popular speaker.

​Paul and his wife, Jean launched Halifax Street Angels in November 2005 a project which, with the help of an amazing team of volunteers, has made a massive difference in Halifax and over one hundred and thirty towns and cities across the UK and beyond. Street Angels has contributed to a reduction in violent crime and sexual assaults in many of the towns where the scheme operates and has contributed to a national annual reduction in alcohol related violence and A&E admissions. Because of Paul’s contribution to community safety in Calderdale he was awarded a MBE (Most Excellent Member of the British Empire) in the New Years Honours 2010 by Her Majesty the Queen. 




In this episode you will learn;

The impact of small acts of kindness

A daily task that will change the world





Show Notes

JRP 006: Sharing Joy through small acts of kindness


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