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Gospel Musician, Noel Robinson joins us to talk about how people find joy in faith based music. Noel began his musical career at the age of 6 playing the guitar. He has since shared his music across the world.



In this episode you will learn;


1) The meaning behind faith based music


2) The joy that faith based music can bring


3) Why faith based music is still relevant today?






Show Notes


Episode 010 Show notes


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JRP 004:  Feat. Daughters of Davis




Fern & Adrienne from Soul duo, ‘Daughters of Davis’, talk to Tom Elliott about their self esteem based campaign, called ‘Not playing the game’.

D A U G H T E R S  O F  D A V I S  is made up of two sisters, Fern & Adrienne Davis, with a band name proud to declare their family heritage, the sisters began an adventure that imperatively needed that bond. They sold everything, quit their jobs and took to living life in a rusted campervan brought off Ebay… As events unfolded, and disaster and miracles took place, the girls kept home in their hearts, but took their lives to the edge. No longer could they live with the question “what if?”…they had to see for themselves.

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JRP 003:  Feat. Darren Edwards




In this episode of the Joy Ride Podcast, we are joined by pioneer of ‘Chav Church’ and author of ‘Chav Christianity’, Darren Edwards who talks about finding Joy on the margins of society.

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JRP 002:  Feat. Andy Frost




Everyone is seeking to live life to the full. Something instinctive about us knows that there is more to life than simply working and sleeping. We thrive when we have a sense of purpose. When we can see the bigger picture.

In this episode of the the Joy Ride Podcast, we are joined by Andy Frost, a keen surfer, AFC Wimbledon Supporter and passionate about Church. Two of which he now combines! (Tune in for more on this!)

Andy gives us an insight into what it means to find purpose in life, to take risks and discover fulfilment.


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JRP 001:  Feat. Matt Bird



Have you ever found it difficult to establish or maintain good relationships? Do you value the relationships you have?

In this episode of the Joy Ride Podcast, we are joined by Matt Bird, CEO of the Cinnamon Network & author of ‘Relationology’.

Matt shares with us some great wisdom about how we can find happiness & fulfilment in and through our relationships.


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UCB Radio


Tom Elliott joined Paul Hammond on UCB this morning to discuss the newly launched Podcast!

If you missed it live, we thought we’d post it here for you to check out!


Remember, we launch at 5:30pm today!


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JRP 000: Pre Launch Episode #2



In the second of two pre launch episodes for the Joy Ride Podcast, Tom Elliott & Tom Geatches discuss some of the guests they have coming up in the next few episodes, exploring themes such as purpose, self esteem and life on the margins.

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JRP 000: Pre Launch Episode #1



In the first of two pre launch episodes for the Joy Ride Podcast, Tom Elliott & Tom Geatches answer some questions you might have! Plus a sneak preview of the first official episode with Matt Bird, discussing happiness in relationships.

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