Earlier this week, on Premier Praise, I told the story of the day I got stuck inside a mailbag and handcuffs.

It was at Gorsley Festival, here in Gloucestershire and myself and Steve Legg, were hosting the after hours evening for 300 campers.

They all gathered, with hot chocolates, marshmallows and puffer jackets, prior to spending the night in tents. Being the final night of the festival and my turn to entertain, I decided to do my mailbag and handcuff escape.

First, my hands were placed inside genuine police handcuffs, tightly fixed so my hands couldn’t simply slip out.I was then put inside a full size mail bag that was padlocked together at the top. The keys were taken and mixed amongst hundreds of other keys in a large jar.

The volunteer then poured the keys into the mail bag and my task was to find the right keys, in limited time, in order to escape. However, it didn’t quite work out that way. Something went wrong, meaning I couldn’t find the keys.

The audience roared with laughter and the more I exclaimed ‘I’m stuck’, the more they laughed. This went on for an awkward 10 minutes before they realised something had genuinely gone wrong.

All was sorted on the night but the joke was never dropped. Six months later, a teenage lad posted on my Facebook page, asking ‘Are you out of that straight jacket yet?’


Being trapped feels like you can do nothing but accept the situation for what it is.


As I hear the stories from Compassion UK, I’m thankful that they are seeing children released from the trap of poverty, in Jesus name.

I believe in the work of Compassion because I’ve seen, met, shook the hands of and heard the stories first hand, of those they have helped through encouraging child sponsorship.

This is why I’m on a mission in 2017 to see 200 children sponsored and rescued from the trap of poverty.

As a sponsor myself, I know the joy of receiving hand written letters and drawings from my sponsor child. The maturity of their faith astounds and challenges me every time, as they encourage me with psalms about God’s kindness and provision.

In my experience, when a child is sponsored, two lives are changed. The child’s life and the sponsors life.

I believe there is hope.

You can be a child’s key to freedom. Would you sponsor a child through Compassion UK today?

Click here to find a child in need of your support.


Your church can also host my Coffee & Comedy Tour this Spring / Summer in partnership with Compassion UK. Get in touch for details.