You might be wondering why a large proportion of the money raised, if successful, is going to pay for a PR company and the benefits this has for running a show at Edinburgh.

Well firstly, without meaning to name drop – It was Milton Jones who encouraged me to take the step for Edinburgh and to do it with a PR company.  He’s at the top of his game – I’ll take his advice on board. In fact, it was a performance at Edinburgh festival that partly contributed to his incredible success now. 

I’m told that the average audience at the fringe, for non-famous acts like myself can range from 7-10 people.

In some ways, that’s fine, but for comedy, that’s a dead atmosphere and makes it uncomfortable for people to laugh. Believe me, I’ve done gigs like that!

We want all 20+ shows to be packed full of people if we can and a PR company can assist us in doing that.

Here’s some of the things they offer…

  • Compose, format, agree and distribute press release to print, broadcast and internet media
  • Advice on all text and imagery to be used in Fringe, venue etc printed materials and websites
    Assist/advise if required on flyer/poster design, printing and distribution
  • Approach all long run preview publications (Edinburgh Festivals Magazine, The List, Fest, Time Out special preview editions etc)
  • Advise on advertising and web presence
  • Liaise with Fringe Press Offices
  • Work with the company/performer to ascertain Unique Selling Point’s
  • Distribute photo’s, images, video links etc to relevant media
  • Advise on suitability for launches, segments shows etc
  • Distribute stories/diary pieces etc
  • Follow up phone calls to try to maximise press attendance, reviews and features
  • Advise on all aspects of a run at the Fringe including venues, award applications and nominations etc

As you can see, they will help massively with getting the word about my show to those attending the fringe.

The more people that come to the show, the more likely sign ups to my follow up resource (more on this soon, but it’s super exciting!)

But that comes at quite a cost, amongst other fringe expenses.

Can you help >

Thanks to Glos Info for coming on board as a sponsor for the Edinburgh run.